Andes Mountain Range - Water


Andes Mountain Range

Chile has a significant number of wetlands and glaciers that, together, constitute an invaluable asset both in quantity and in the quality of its waters.

The Andes Mountain Range is one of the largest mountain systems in the world, it is a South American mountain range that runs almost parallel to the Pacific coast, from Cape Horn to the vicinity of Panama. This mountain range is 7,240 km long, 241 km wide and with an average of 3,660 m in altitude.

In Chile, it begins in the sector called the “altiplano” (high plateaus) and reaches the Chilean Antarctica, going through the entire Chilean territory.

Andes Mountain Range
The Andes mountain range, in all its length, is considered a major “Ecoregion” with different ecosystems that vary according to its latitude. In fact, the Andes mountain range covers 1,542,644 square kilometers in South America with the biggest concentration of biodiversity on the planet.
This huge area, with its diverse environmental and microclimate conditions, transforms this large mountain ecosystem into a source of great biological wealth: genetic, ecosystem and species.