Premium Water

Premium Water

Wildko is extracted and bottled directly from the source, through bio-sustainable procedures, with the highest quality standard and environmental protection.

WildKo natural water is a water of origin, which offers favorable properties for human health through its low mineral composition and alkaline pH, which turns it into a water of high hydration and maximum purity.

WildKo is sodium-free water, still water.

The bottle is 100% recyclable and BPA free.

Drinking WildKo makes you  live the experience of drinking water from the actual water source.

«This is a water with limpid and shining appearance. Aromatically neutral, with light grass, dry leaves and lemon skin flavour. In the mouth, it moves lightly, fresh, with soft texture and citric and herbaceous flavours. In finishing, it is slightly sweet with medium persistence in the mouth».

Marcelo Pino Sommelier Water Tasting Note,  Editor and Producer of the Chilean Water Guide

The extraordinary purity of WildKo merges with the design of its cylindrical bottle, made of 100% bio-degradable and BPA-free material, which uniquely expresses the distinction of the Premium Water inside the bottle.

Unique, pure and natural flavor… a gift from nature