Fundo Coreo


A paternal heritage that became WildKo

WildKo was born from the 170-hectare Fundo Coreo venture, located in the city of Los Angeles, Bio-Bio Region, CHILE.

Fundo Coreo, rich in natural resources, surrounded by the magnificent and beautiful Andes Mountain Range and with large groundwater tributaries, resulted in the desire to share the best water on Earth with the rest of the world.  This took to the analyses of its waters whose result was surprising; the highly qualified independent Laboratory found that its waters are of extraordinary quality, pure and natural, and beneficial for human health.

The WildKo brand term, WILD, has the purpose of transmitting that it is a wild water, that it is in continuous movement, since its tributaries descend from the majestic Andes Mountain Range through natural routes and immerses in Fundo Coreo and the KO term is in homage to the Mapuche Native People, and in honor of its Mapudungun language, People that inhabited and still live in this natural sanctuary of the Chilean Araucanía region.


To provide the best water directly bottled in its origin without any intervention in its natural environment.


To become a brand that is recognized as one  of the best world’s Premium Waters  due to the quality of our natural resource and its self-sustainability.